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What you are aware of, you are in control of. What you are unaware of controls you.

At the Wellbeing Centre, counselling takes place with a client in a safe, confidential private setting. My objective is to explore an issue, problem, difficulty, confusion, distress my client is experiencing and to assist them in achieving the most suitable resolution.

Most people will arrive at a point in their lives where there will be an issue/stress they are unable to resolve without professional help. As an experienced and skilled counsellor, my job is to enable my client to both realise and understand their difficulties and in turn to assist them with the correct action necessary to achieve resolution.

At times in our lives, both friends and family may be too close to our issue, or indeed so far removed that they do not fully comprehend it. As every client is unique, I adopt a unique approach best suited for each client to achieve their resolution. A trusted, safe, positive healthy therapeutic relationship is formed between myself and my clients within which we both work to achieve the client’s goals.

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