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The following authentic testimonials can be validated


I attended Gene on the advice of my husband who Gene had previously very successfully helped. When I went to Gene I was suffering badly with anxiety and it was affecting many areas of my life. Gene made me feel very comfortable to discuss my feelings no matter how off the wall I thought they were and I never felt judged. What I liked most about how Gene helped me was how he gave me practical things to do to help myself improve, it was great to feel that I could help myself, these exercises gave me confidence and a sense of security in my self, it felt like something that was there all the time but I just didn’t know how to access it. The tools that Gene gave me allowed me to overcome a large challenge in my life which was holding me back and I  now have a lovely sense of contentment which I will be forever grateful for.

Thank you Gene.


My Son is a very hard working lad with a good sense of humour who was dealt a tricky hand in life and has overcome many challenges bravely and heroically. From the first day of third year in secondary school he began studying for his Junior Cert and it was then we began to notice a change in him.

His grades got better, his teachers were delighted with him and no parent would have faulted the diligence to his schoolwork he was displaying.

We did note that he was spending his down time somewhat excessively on you tube and was active on Snapchat and Instagram.

He appeared to be losing his sense of humour and was spending a lot less time smiling and laughing.

In fact we both struggled to remember when we last heard him having a good bellyache of a  laugh.

He was not accepting praise and he began to develop a short fuse.

I am in the medical profession and by an absolute coincidence when discussing his changing behavior with someone who knows Gene well I learned that Gene may well be able to help.

Myself and my wife discussed this possibility for about 2 months , we did a bit of research, talked to other trusted sources ( none of whom knew Gene ) and we agreed to contact Gene.

It was but need not have been such a big decision for us.

I cannot remember how we talked our son into going down and having a chat with Gene, but he did anyway and I can honestly say from the first visit we all felt the benefit.

Gene is such an amusing individual with a truly diverse range of interests and an anecdote for every occasion that you could help but listen to and hear the messages he was continually communicating.

They were all actually parables. He should publish them.

For my son he learned how to reward himself, how to interact with us better, how to manage his anger and most importantly how to relax and deal with anxiety in a very real way, as in acknowledging it is a normal and necessary emotion that does have physical effects and of course he learned how to harness it usefully and keep it in check. Gene thought him actual techniques that I have successfully employed myself when anxious.

Sine we all met Gene we also grew closer as a family and became more grounded in the fundamentals of life and actually became happier.

I never told Gene that one of the things that worried us a lot about our son, prior to going to see him was that our son was waking very early in the mornings and hence was tiring out during the afternoons and we didn’t tell Gene this because we didn’t want to over burden him with too many problems to fix.

Gene still doesn’t know this but a measure of how successful the therapeutic intervention ( six hour long visits ) was, that the early morning waking stopped. The cause of the early wakening must have been because of all the anxiety and other emotional issues he couldn’t sort out himself.

Gene though him the skills to address those issues.

As a medical professional I can testify to Gene’s professionalism, love of what he does and actual as well as profound emotional intelligence.

Gene is in this profession, not solely to earn a living but to help and heal troubled minds a skill that is needed more and more in this rapidly changing world, I know this because of the happiness he displays when he successfully helps out with people and this is his biggest reward.

You cannot hide true happiness and I heard it in his anecdotes and I saw it after each session he had with my son.


Due to continuing family difficulties, over many years, compounded by loss and grief, I had sub-consciously cut myself off emotionally from natural feelings of love, joy, peace etc. It was if ‘I was living outside myself’ in a dark place unaware of what was happening to me. This situation was developing in a drip-drip fashion over time. Eventually, I found myself unable to cope with problems anymore, and I decided to look for help.

I was very fortunate to come across Gene Barry, Psychotherapist, who was recommended to me, by a friend.

From the very first phone call, I knew Gene would somehow make a difference!

Following weekly therapy sessions over a period, through his knowledgeable and caring approach, Gene enabled me to rediscover these important feelings again, which now impact positively on my emotional and mental well-being. I’m in a very different space and there are so many changes that I have made for the common good. I was not aware that I was living my life on ‘survivor mode’ prior to my therapy sessions. There are so many positive things in my life as a direct result of the therapy sessions I received from Gene, that the whole experience has been life-changing, to say the least.

Gene is a true professional – great integrity, always keen to up-date with new information and research, kind and caring. He respectfully treated me as if I was his only client, no visible notes, no lapse of memory, never in a hurry, relaxed and always accommodating. His demeanour was such, that I looked forward to my weekly sessions, with the same enthusiasm, as one would feel meeting up with a friend, for a relaxing chat. I always came out of sessions feeling so much better!

Gene also works diligently with my son, who had many complicated issues. His efforts have enabled my son to understand himself so much better, by being aware of the subconscious, which had been impacting his life very negatively prior to starting therapy with Gene. He is now in a much better place. He continues to make great progress confident in the knowledge that he has a caring, trustworthy and truly professional therapist to support and advise him along the path to recovery.


"Thank you, for your help, reassurance and guidance you gave our son. I am attributing our son’s confidence to your life coaching skill, and his time spent learning and talking to you. He has become the amazing man that you said he would.

Whatever road our son will choose to take in life, I hope he always remembers your advice and positive input to his life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything. You were very open and honest with both us as parents and with our son. His time under your direction has worked. Wishing you all the very best in life and practice."


"Gene Barry is a master at his craft. His ability to take brokenness to completeness is beyond words, it's experiential, words don't come near an explanation. I may not understand how I returned home to happiness. All I know is that Gene was my wise guide, from that once beautiful child that life broke to becoming an evolved adult. How do you commend this person? Humbled I am for once without words. Gene has the ability to turn disaster and drama to essence. where it's coming from is not who you are and what you are about. Gene brings you safely home to yourself. The furthered distance you travel is from your head to your heart. Gene brings you to that place and for me it was the long route home. But I got there! His presence is grace, you leave feeling heard and understood. I am so grateful and blessed to have found Gene. I am humbly blessed. Thank you, Gene, it may not have been easy for you to get me where I needed to be, I will never know because you had the vision and confidence in me to get me to find my way home to my good heart. Namaste."


"By the grace of God, a friend of mine told me about Gene Barry.  My teenage son had been going through a very difficult patch and was finding life and school a bit difficult as a consequence.  He had become extremely anxious and it was consuming him. I was very concerned about him.  I gave Gene a call and from that moment onwards, we never looked back.  Gene re-assured me that he could help and my son started to see Gene most weeks for a while.  Gene helped him to re-gain his confidence and belief in himself and he began living his life to the full again.  To this day (several years later) he still chats about Gene and frequently asks himself "what would Gene advise" if he has a worry about something and it always resolves the issue for him."


"I found Gene very easy to talk to. I felt it was a very safe environment and that he genuinely cared about what happen to me. Every session felt like a continuation of the last, it flowed very well."


"When I first met Gene, I was in a very bad place. I was self-harming, in several ways, and the relationships I had with my loved ones had almost completely broken down, especially with my mother. Gene helped me not only cope with how I was feeling, but made me aware of my emotions. He helped me understand why I felt the way I did. Understanding, for me, was a way of healing. When I look back on how I was then, compared to now, I am amazed at how much talking can truly help. I owe Gene my happiness. It has been 3 years and counting since I have self-harmed, I have an amazing family that I can now fully appreciate, and I am finally at peace with myself. I am so grateful to Gene for the fact that my mother is now my best friend, and for teaching my how to love myself. What an amazing person he is. All the 'Thank Yous’ in the world are just not enough."


"It's difficult to put into words how therapy helped me - I was very apprehensive about trying it but to be honest at the time in my life I needed help - I was out of work with a physical injury that somehow lead to me being inconsolable - floods of tears all the time not sleeping properly, with huge levels of anxiety. It wasn't easy walking in, or sitting down and it certainly wasn’t easy talking and trying to get to the root of the problem - In fact after every session I came out and swore that's it never again it's too difficult and we are getting nowhere - but for whatever reason I did keep going back and I can honestly, genuinely say that by the last session I was back to myself but in a better way - I don't worry about the small stuff anymore - I have a very positive outlook and if I feel something is worrying me I pop back in for a session and it helps. My advice to anyone reading this and wondering what to do is this -if you need milk go to the shop -if you need a haircut go to the hairdresser -if you need help go to Gene!!!"


"My anxiety was taking over my life.  I gave Gene a call and soon after began my own journey.  Gene helped me to deal with issues that turned out to be the root of my problem.  Issues that I thought I had put to bed years before but hadn't. There were rough patches, but I got through them. With Gene’s help, I've moved on from 'stuff' that I now realise held me back most of my life. I am living an anxiety free, stress free life for the first time ever. I am surrounded by people that make me happy and feel good about myself, I now make sure of that.  I can safely say I have never ever been so happy and content with life and look forward to every day........thank you so much Gene Barry."


Testimonials: About

"Gene is a very nice guy. He creates a very easy atmosphere in which to discuss certain problems.

He doesn't pressure you into talking about something that is especially hard for you.

For me, I have had difficulties with my father and Gene has helped me get past them."


"I met Gene, I was having bad anxiety and felt down in myself so I met my doctor and he advised me to see Gene. The first appointment was the most important as it gave me assurance that there was help and a way out of my personal problems and anguish every visit after that was a bonus as it took time to get my head right, he taught me the correct way of thinking which made me feel good about myself again. Now my life is great and I haven't looked back since. There’s always help there and I'm an example of that. I would highly recommend Gene to anyone, there’s no need to be sad when you can be happy and healthy."


"My sessions with Gene, above all else, gave me peace of mind.

Anxiety had weaved its way through my life to the point where I could no longer be happy, despite all the positive things happening around me.

Gene gave me the tools to become aware of what was driving my anxiety, and with that, the ability to control and overcome it. 

Those tools, ideas, philosophy, whatever you want to call them; I have with me every day of my life. 

I'm endlessly thankful for everything Gene did for me, and helped me to achieve."


"My G.P. told me about Gene Barry.  Meeting Gene for the first time I was nervous but I need not have been.  He made me feel relaxed, welcome and safe.  I had not dealt with issues in my childhood and he helped me to overcome those issues and move on with my life.  I will be forever grateful to Gene as he helped me to appreciate life and my husband and family and to also to love myself which was probably the most important thing.  I still often think of Gene and know that there is always someone there to guide and help me.  I will forever be appreciative of the help and understanding that I received from Gene Barry.  He is true gentleman and in a way my saviour."


"I have always had problems which often made life very difficult for me.  I have spent years involved with Sarsfield Court and several councillors to no avail.  I eventually heard about Gene. I thought I would never be able to survive on my own but I did. He is a very kind, caring and generous person and I wish him and his family the very best.  Thank you, Gene.  Love always."


"I was recommended to Gene by my GP after experiencing some difficult times at work. 

From the first meeting I had with Gene, I found him to be extremely understanding, friendly and easy to talk to. 

He cares very genuinely about the people he helps.

Gene listened to any issue I had in my personal life and provided some great, practical solutions to help improve my life.

I would recommend Gene to anyone experiencing problems in their lives."


"I currently work in a highly pressurised job where I look after companies critical environments over in the United States. My manager started to put more and more pressure on me which triggered my anxiety big time. After a few number of months of trying to bottle it, it got to a point where I broke down and wanted to quit my job as I lost every ounce of confidence and the ability to do my job. I was about to quit my job until a family member recommended Gene to me and I decided to give it a go. I had a word with my manager and he gave me three days off as well as put less pressure on me on the job.

After three months with Gene, I manage to regain my confidence in my job and I'm still currently working there. He was a great listener and he generally did care about my mental issue.

Many thanks Gene for your service, I greatly appreciate it!"


"I was a client's of Gene's for approx 15 months.  Gene has a kindness, warmth & wisdom in how he works.  He has an openness (not a therapist's veil), this helped me feel more at ease & sharing more comfortable.  Honestly, I felt like a hungry student, learning how to live well.  I'm very grateful to Gene, for his time & care.  I would highly recommend Gene to anyone looking for healing & personal growth."


"When it became clear to me that my resolve and patience were being replaced with frustration and anger I knew I had a problem. A close family member who had seen Gene in the past and had great things to say suggested that I go and speak with him.

From our first meeting, I felt comfortable with Gene and found him easy to open up to.

Gene is very good at reading between the lines that we don’t even know exist and before long he was able to help me understand the difficulties I was having. And understanding is the key. I learned one of the most powerful concepts (for me at least) from Gene which was “What you are aware of, you can control, what you are unaware of, controls you.” 

Gene made me aware. Gene helped me understand this but more important than that he helped me get, I mean truly get it and it changed my life.

Now I look at myself different, I think about myself different, I talk to myself different and above all I feel different. I feel better.

For those of you reading this wondering “will I go and talk? Won’t I go and talk?”. Do. Just do.

Because you deserve it. You deserve to feel better.

My thanks to you Gene."


"I took part in sessions with Mr Gene Barry over a number of weeks and found him to be a very nice approachable guy. I instantly felt comfortable around him and never had any problems. All and all a great guy."


"Hi just a message to show my appreciation of the kind-hearted man Gene Barry. I count myself a very lucky man to have had the privilege of meeting him. I was a broken man before I met him with a few troublesome episodes in my life. With his loyalty and generosity, he brought me back and week by week lifted me and gave me the courage to be the man I deserve to be. A kind-hearted man and a good friend!!!"


"Before I started going to Gene I thought I was beyond help. I'd been to various other counsellors but to no avail. A friend recommended Gene and after my 1st and 2nd session I began to see the 'light' suffering from depression and anxiety that was huge. I began to see and cope with things different with the help words and coping techniques that we worked on together. It's great to go a calm neutral place and literally dump all that rubbish that had been building up over the years . I'm so grateful for everything Gene has helped me with." 


"I brought my 16 year old daughter to Gene she was affected by our separation and Divorce. She also had School issues. He was extremely helpful to her and above all genuinely cared. He goes above and beyond the call of Duty. This is rare with professional people nowadays.

Keep up the good work."


​"When I started talking to Gene I went not knowing what was wrong. But after just a few sessions of talking I started to understand why I was feeling the way I was. I looked forward to our appointments every week and he made it a comfortable place to talk. It’s been a year since I finished appointments with Gene and probably the best year I've had. I would highly recommend him."


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"I can honestly say I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't meet Gene. He is just so easy to talk to. I felt like I've known him for years. I always remember the three words he told me and that was LOOK FORWARD TO. I came to see Gene about a year and a half ago now. I was in a very dark place and couldn't see any light at the end of it. I had lost both of my parents that year and honestly just wanted to give up. I met Gene a couple of months after my parents passed away and straight away after meeting him I started to feel life was worth living again. I can't thank this man enough. I wouldn't be the man I am today if I hadn't meet him."


"I attended Gene when I was going through a very traumatic difficult Separation. He brought me back to my childhood. He was extremely accurate in analysing it all. He thought me how to be strong and how to be assertive and to be able to stand up and be counted and be an Individual. Put myself first. I came through it.   Thanks Gene for the genuine caring help you gave me.

You are one in a million."


"Gene is the only one that could ease my worries and fears. When I was troubled he made me awake to the fact that I was running in top gear and showed me that I could slow myself down. Now twelve months on I am not so wound up.  Thank you Gene probably one of the most multifaceted people I have ever met."


"My 16 year old daughter was going through a very bad patch after the death of her dad. My g.p. recommended Gene to me, and after a lot of persuasion my daughter agreed to go and meet Gene. From the very first session she seemed to have a connection with Gene he treated her like an adult (her words) I found Gene to have a great way of talking and understanding teenagers. My daughter is now 19 and thanks to Gene and his work with her, she is a beautiful, confident, kind and well adjusted young woman I would highly recommend him, especially for children and young people."


"As a mother I was finding it difficult to cope with a teenager. Gene taught me a few helpful tips on how to change everything in the home. I was constantly having arguments with my son and it was getting me really down. I was unhappy and so was my son. Now I'm dealing with situations better and the home is a much happier place to be. Having a teenager is a challenge the best of times."


"When I think Gene I feel home, safe and immediately know what's best for myself, smile inside that runs the entire length of my body and float happily, life’s weight no longer holding me down my mind clear. I look forward to every daily moment and embrace it no matter the situation I may be facing or in and love myself, my entire self proudly.

It wasn’t always like that, I am very fortunate to have met Gene Barry in a different capacity in my life. I immediately felt at ease and welcomed ;over time I learned of his profession a sense to open up grew each time I found myself within his presence but could never get the words out, they stuck in my chest like a herd ready to stampede.

Until the day life's ocean of fears gripped me and I felt like I was drowning, propelled into a sinking murkiness with no way out and that part of me fighting for survival some how found the courage and sent a text to Gene Barry,within minutes my phone rang and my journey to myself began with an abundance of compassion- I was heard, valued understood.

Every session no matter the difficulty or ease of what came out during it always left me with a feeling of lightness a sense of eagerness to thrive and love myself.

Fears no longer hold me back and I am proud of how far I have come. I am still healing and look forward to my sessions;I have been given a treasure chest full of tools to use in my day to day life by Gene and with his careful, mindful professional guidance I am learning and have learned to use them understand myself and do what's best for me.

I know when the days get trickier or something trips me up, I can reach for the phone and Gene Barry is there in minutes.

Thank you Mr Barry."


“Thanks for being the light on my darkness. For years I have struggled with my sickness and in twelve months you have help me back to myself for that I can't thank you enough thanks Gene”


“I am so grateful to Gene for his kindness and compassion as he counselled me as I grieved. He helped me through that very difficult period of my life.”


Testimonials: About Me
Testimonials: About Me
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Art Therapy

Gene Barry is to be commended for his voluntary dedication to his poets and their poems. His foresight and vision to publish such an anthology will add meaning and depth to our everyday lives.

County Cork VEC and the students at Youthreach understand and acknowledge the merits of this project. We believe in the power of poetry and we are happy to be associated with the publication of this anthology.  



Enormous credit is due to our 'poet in residence' Gene Barry who, in co-operation with Mr. Sharon O'Leary (English teacher), inspired our students to give voice to their spirits through verse. It is our sincere hope that this inaugural festival will grow deep roots within our community and blossom each summer for many years to come.

With best regards for the future,

Sharon Holland.


I am very proud to be associated with this wonderful project. The poetic talent of our members is but the tip of the iceberg. Writing their poems has been a very positive experience for everyone involved and the fruits of their labours are now down in print for ever.

AOSTA are very grateful to Gene Barry for the amazing assistance he gave to individuals and groups, for his skills in compiling the poems into book format and being the driving force behind this worthwhile project.


Inclusion 2013 was made up of poems submitted by 53 students from Cork Ireland and California USA and was edited by Gene Barry.

We the Sacramento Poetry Centre are extraordinarily of our special relationship with the Blackwater International Poetry Festival, Rebel Poetry and Gene Barry. We are especially pleased to have been given the opportunity to have our young poets represented alongside some of the best and brightest of Ireland's next generation of poetic voices.

Archibald MacLeish wrote that "A poem should not mean, but be." The poem, coming into being, should mean something - should have a tangible effect on our lives. The "Inclusions" anthology not only changes the lives of these young writers, but also, all of us who have been privileged to participate in the project.

Long live Ireland and her poetry!


The Blackwater International Poetry Festival student anthology Inclusion contains poems written exclusively by the students in 4th, 5th and 6th class in our school, Castletownroche National School.The children's poetry in this anthology covered a range of topics in particular the topic of Bullying. The creation of poetry to be officially published was a new endeavour for the students of our school and one which they thoroughly enjoyed. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my students for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication in creating their wonderful poems. I would like to thank the staff for their hard work and dedication and Mr Gene Barry for inviting us to participate in this anthology and for his dedication and enthusiasm in working with our students in the creation of the beautiful poems. 

I would also like to extend a special thank you to Rebel Poetry for publishing this anthology.

Tá súil agam go bhaineadh sibh an taitneamh as an leabhar seo.


Pupils of Castletownroche National School (4th, 5th & 6th classes) completed Poetry Workshops with Mr. Gene Barry throughout the school year. The children looked forward to the workshops every week. They studied many themes through poetry and in turn were able to express themselves and write about their own experiences.They produced some fantastic poems and there was great enjoyment in the process. All the Teachers and staff in Castletownroche National School are so proud of our pupils for what they have achieved.

A big thank you to Gene Barry who put so much time and effort into the workshops. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity." William Wordsworth

Testimonials: About Me
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